SALT Institute

Sundoulos Advanced Leadership Training Institute

“Effective leadership leads to sustainable transformation of everything around us. Transformational leaders are cultivated as individuals who can think and act with integrity and manage change with dexterity.”

 SALT Institute

A new kind of leadership training institute to churn out tomorrow’s global leaders today.


Sundoulos Advanced Leadership Training (SALT) Institute was founded in 2003 but its genesis dates to 1997. During that year’s edition of the annual continental prayer conference of the Intercessors for Africa (IFA), held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, God revealed to the intercessors that they faced “challenges in Africa that prayer alone by itself could not solve.” It was further explained that African nations did not have good, proper foundations (the foundations not having been laid on the scriptures); secondly, the nations did not have servant leaders in their governments; thirdly, leaders in the nations did not know how to apply biblical principles to leadership. To tackle these challenges, IFA was directed to train and equip the leaders who will bring about the desired transformation in the land.

SALT Institute is therefore a response to that call. The institute is committed to raising, training, and developing servant leaders for business and public life in Africa as well as the global marketplace.

The strategy is to train and build leaders who, will be able to, inter alia:


  • Lay new foundations in leadership based on godly principles for African peoples and the nations
  • Mobilize human resources and build coalitions from available human resources with a view to providing the best possible governance;
  • Translate God’s plan for their nations into reality by planned implementation;
  • Understand what will transform African nations economically, socially, and politically;
  • Interpret national crises correctly, work out solutions and implement recommendations accurately;
  • Handle the intrigues of governance and leadership without losing personal integrity;
  • Become channels through which righteousness and justice can flow to impact people and politics.